About Eveline’s Sunshine Cottage


Eveline’s Sunshine Cottage provides housing, love, and encouragement, to homeless and low-income single-parent families; inspiring them to seek an education, two generations at a time, thus moving the whole family off the government system.

We currently have ten fully furnished properties all in the same block of the beautiful, historic, Amarillo College area.  Our children are active in sports, cheerleading, academics, scouts, church, and a host of other activities.


Eveline’s Sunshine Cottage recently received national recognition by MSNBC news out of New York City. CLICK HERE to read the full article here. ‘Mom did it, we can do it’: Two-generation programs help lift families out of poverty

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In 2014, Eveline’s Sunshine Cottage was also recognized by the Aspen Institute out of Washington DC for “Two Generational Programs” as well. CLICK HERE to read the full article.

Aspen Institute
CLICK HERE for the article http://www.aspeninstitute.org/about/blog/shriver-report-a-womans-nation-pushes-back-from-the-brink-anne-mosle-ascend